In 1641 all males, aged 18 and above, were required to pledge their allegiance to the Church of England.

Lists were compiled consisting of the signatures or marks of those who did so.
Bradstone Protestation Returns 1641
Mr. Clobery & his familyJohn Joce family
John Clobery Esq.John Joce sen.
Christopher Clobery gent John Joce jun
George Clobery gentNicholas Flipe
John Clobery gentNicholas Steere
William Edgcombe 
John TrevanyonJohn Tillam family
James TurnerJohn Tillam
Thomas EatonJohn Dodge
Thomas VigursJohn Basley
John Cooke 
Arthur BartlettOliver Combe family
Thomas BroadeOliver Combe
Edmund Stephens 
Morgan KarrisMr. Doble family
Nathaniel GiddyChristopher Doble
Theophilus RuseThomas Joce
John CrabbeJohn Gloweings
John MillerJohn Oliver
John Bray 
Peter CongdonOliver Harvey family
Richard BrayOliver Harvey
John HealeWilliam Harvey
Roger Madge 
 Margaret Seargeant family
Mr. Bidlake's familyJohn .Seargeant
John Noye gentThomas Pearse
Edward GreenwoodeDavid Yolde
Ralph WickettJohn Flend
John WiseJohn Coornick
Thomas TankyaJohn Combe
John Sheapharde 
Mr. Kellye's family 
Arthur Kelly gent 
Richard Pike 
(The above names in the same hand, the following six are signatures)
Samuel Randall RectorJohn Tillam Constable
Benjamin Marshall CurateJohn Sargent
James TurnerPeter Coornek
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