In 1641 all males, aged 18 and above, were required to pledge their allegiance to the Church of England.

Lists were compiled consisting of the signatures or marks of those who did so.
Page 371
Adam, ThomasBennett, JohnCamiter, John .jun.
Allyn, RichardBest, rogerCamiter, Roger .jun.
Anundell, ThomasBickle, GeorgeCandy, Tristram
Bardone, HenryBlackdon, ConstantineCaunter, John
Bazely, Richard sen.Blackdon, JohnCaunter, Roger sen.
Bazely, Richard jun.Blackdon, NicholasCaunter, Roger jun.
Bazely, WilliamBlancke, JohnChard, John
Bealy, EdmundBloy, GeorgeChard, Nicholas
Bealy, John sen.Bloy, JohnChard, Richard sen.
Bealy, John sen.Bloy, PhilipChard, Richard jun.
Bealy, JohnBloy, RogerCharles, William
Bealy, JohnBrowne, WilliamClarke, John
Bealy, MarkBurnaford, JohnCole, William
Bealy, PhilipBurnaford, RogerCollin, John
Bealy, Richard sen.Burnaford, ThomasCollin, Philip
Bealy, Richard Jun.Burrough, JamesCollin, Thomas
Bennett, John sen.Callard, Roger sen.Congdon, William
Bennett, John jun.Callard, Roger jun.Couch, William
Page 372
Criptor, RichardHarris, John sen.Palmer, William
Crosman, JohnHarris, John jun.Peeke, Arthur
Crosman, JohnHarris, ThomasPeeke, James
Dawe, JohnHarvey, John sen.Peeke, Nicholas
Dawe, JohnHarvey, John jun.Peeke, Richard
Dawe, HarkHarvey, John jun.Peeke, Richard
Dawe, PetherickeHatch, MatthewPellowe, Thomas
Dawe, ThomasHawk, JohnPomeroy, William
Dawe, ThomasHawk, PeterPrest, Thomas
Dell, WilliamHawk, WilliamPryor, Roger
Dodge, RogerHeat, HenryRandell, Arthur
Dodridge, AndrewHockady, JohnRandell, James
Doidge, John gentHockady, RichardRandell, John
Doidge, JohnHockady, StephenRandell, John
Doidge, JohnHodge, PancrasRandell, John
Doidge, rogerHooley, JohnRandell, Nicholas
Doidge, ThomasJackeman, Roger jun.Randell, Roger sen.
Downe, WilliamJakeman, AnthonyRandell, Roger jun.
Earle, JohnJakeman, RichardRandell, William
Edgecombe, JohnJakenan, RogerRandell, William
Edgecombe, RichardKeagle, HenryReddacliffe, John
Edgecombe, Roger gentKinsman, EdmundReddacliffe, Richard
Edgecombe, Roger sen.Kinsman, JohnReddacliffe, Thomas
Edgecombe, Roger jun.Kinsman, Peter sen.Reddacliffe, William
Facey, RobertKinsman, Peter jun.Reddcliffe, Henry
Fortescue, Hugh gentKinsman, RichardRiche, Nicholas
Frind, StephenKinsman, RogerRobinson, John
Fursman, GeorgeKinsman, ThomasRowe, Francis
Fursman, JohnKittoe, TristramRowe, George
Fursman, JohnKnapman, WalterRowe, John
Fursman, RogerKnight, EdmundRowe, John jun.
Fursman, ThomasKnight, JohnRowe, Robert
Fursman, WilliamLoner, Thomas gentRowell, Humphrey
Gam, CharlesLorde, PeterRowell, John
Gam, RichardMan, AnthonyRowell, Joseph
Gam, RogerMan, JamesRowell, Roger
Gathe, FrancisMan, JohnSatchfield, Nicholas
Gathe, RobertMan, WilliamScobell, John
Gendell, JohnMarten, Thomas sen.Scoble, Roger
Gendell, WilliamMarten, Thomas jun.Scoble, Thomas
Gerry, GeorgeMarten, SamuelShortridge, John
Gerry, RogerMaunger, RogerShortridge, Roger
Giles, JohnMeader, JohnSleeman, Michael
Giles, WilliamMeasant, WilliamSleeman, Richard
Giles, WilliamMetter, JohnSleeman, William
Gill, JohnMetter, RogerSmalacombe, Edward
Gill, JohnMonke, EdmundSpry, Constantine
Gill, NicholasOxenham, JohnSpurwill, James
Gill, RichardPalmer, ChristopherStandon, Stephen
Gove, JohnPalmer, EdwardStukely, Walter
Grendell, PhilipPalmer, John sen.Toll, Edmund
Grendell, SimonPalmer, John jun.Toll, John
Hardmead, DiggoryPalmer, NicholasToll, Paul
Hardmead, JohnPalmer, PeterToll, Peter
Toll, PeterVigures, EdmundWestcott, Richard jun.
Toll, StephenVigures, EdwardWeymoth, John
Toll, ThomasVigures, JohnWhite, Constantine
Toll, ThomasVigures, JohnWhite, Giles
Tremayne, Edmund gentVigures, MoabWhite, Roger
Tremayne, Roger gentVigures, RogerWilberton, Richard
Tucker, EdmundVigures, RogerWilliams, Richard
Tucker, FrancisVigures, ThomasWilliams, John
Tucker, JohnWalter, NicholasWilliams, Richard
Tucker, JohnWard, PascoWilliams, Roger
Tucker. ThomasWare, JohnWilliams, Thomas
Vanden, JohnWare, RogerWilliams, Walter
Veal, ThomasWarrin, ArthurWilliams, Walter
Venninge, FrancisWebb, AnthonyYolland, Edward
Venninge, RalphWestcott, Richard sen. 
(The above names are the same hand, the following seven are signatures)
John Cooper Vicar Matthew Hilman Constable
John Roch Overseer Gabriel Edgecombe Constable
Arthur Edgecomb Overseer John Williams Constable
Diggory Beally Churchwarden  
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